Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply, without prejudice to consumer protection regulations of the buyer country. The terms of the contract are written in German. All prices include VAT.

Conclusion of contract: The offers on the Internet represent a not binding offer to you to buy goods. You can add one or more products to your shopping cart. In the course of the ordering process, you enter your data and requests regarding payment methods, delivery modalities, etc. The purchase contract is valid only with sending the receipt of payment by email as accepted. This also applies to the purchase via the factoring service of Ebay.

Customer information - storage of your order data: Your order with details of the concluded contract (for example type of product, price etc.) will be stored by us. We will send you the terms and conditions, but you can also call the GTCs at any time after conclusion of the contract via our website. As a registered customer, you can access your past orders via the customer's LogIn area (My Orders).

Customer Information - Correction Note: You can correct your entries at any time by submitting the deletion key. We will inform you about further corrective options on the way through the ordering process. You can also complete the ordering process at any time by closing the browser window.

All offers are subject to the condition of sending to the delivery address you have specified. The processing time is 3 to 15 working days + Sundays, with custom-made (all deluxehoods and deluxehood-systems) 10 to 40 working days, starting with payment and notification of customer-specific requests. Should you subsequently withhold the purchase amount from a factoring service within the processing time or delivery term, or should the payment fail, we are no longer bound to a delivery.

There is a warranty period of 2 years according to §438 BGB or §§474ff BGB.

Retention of title: The purchase item remains our property until full payment.

Limitation of Liability: All offers are sold as decorative items. If the goods are also used for inadequate ingestion, we shall exclude liability and thus damage claims according to the Product Liability Act.

The returns and refunds information is part of our general terms and conditions. The invoice will be sent electronically to the email address provided by you in the order (small amount invoice up to 250.00 Euro invoice value). An invoice in paper form can be requested free of charge from an invoice value of 250.00 Euro.

For shipping to non-EU countries, import duties or taxes may apply. In the case of B2B sales, we conclude the UN purchase right i.S.d. Art. 6 CISG, as well as the right to vote in the event of improvement.

Other legal information

Information on the price ordinance (§ 1 para. 2): All prices are for 1 set / article.
When using a factoring service for payment or delivery, also the terms and conditions of the service provider apply and are accepted at the time of purchase.

The delivery takes place within Germany with DHL. The respective terms and conditions of the service provider apply and are accepted upon purchase.
The delivery worldwide takes place with DHL and Deutsche Post. The respective terms and conditions of the service provider apply and are accepted upon purchase.
With regard to the sales packages filled by us for the first time with goods and delivered to private end consumers, our company has joined the nationwide withdrawal system to ensure compliance with our statutory obligations pursuant and registered in the packaging register.

Ebay-specific clauses
We point out to users of the portals mobil.ebay and wap.ebay that it is only an extract of an offer and the offer with all details only at www.ebay.de/com/co.uk with a desktop computer or Notebook can be viewed. We strongly recommend that you keep an eye on this site before submitting a bid or purchasing an item.

Resellers and Wholesalers are not authorized to issue an Ebay-feedback or to initiate an Ebay return process.

According to § 312c para. 1 BGB i.V.m. § 1 para. 1 no. 4 BGB-InfoV, an entrepreneur who offers goods or services via the Internet must inform the consumer before the contract is concluded as to how the respective contract is concluded. Pursuant to Section 312e (1) (1) (2) of the German Civil Code (BGB), the contractor must also provide information on the individual technical steps leading to a conclusion of the contract. We therefore refer to the following regulations of §§ 10 and 11 of the eBay-AGBs, which you have confirmed in the registration procedure on the eBay marketplace for approval.
The rating on Ebay is automatically calculated only after the buyer has given his / her rating! If the customer does not want an evaluation from discretion, he has to do without a valuation to us. In the case of a return (revocation) or non-acceptance of the contract due, the buyer is not entitled to a valuation fee.
The contract will be electronically stored in the form of the e-mail sent automatically by e-mail to buyer and seller. As a method of payment, prepayment by transfer from a bank account or payment via Paypal. Payment: Immediately without cash discount.
Mandatory entry into the purchase agreement on the Ebay trading platform (excerpt from the Ebay-AGBs):

Ebay §10: Auction, Auction with Buy-Now-Option, Multiauction and Offer to Subordinate Bidders
1. If a supplier submits an article in the auction bid form on the eBay website, he makes a binding offer to conclude a contract for this item. The offerer determines a starting price and a period (duration of the offer), within which the offer can be accepted by bid. The bidder accepts the offer by submitting a bid via the bidding function. The bid expires if another bidder submits a higher bid during the bidding period. On the expiry of the auction or in the event of premature termination of the offer by the offerer, a contract for the acquisition of the article is concluded between the supplier and the maximum bidder, unless the offerer was legally entitled to withdraw the offer and delete the existing bids. After a legitimate bid rejection occurs between the member, which after the expiration of the auction due to the bid withdrawal is again the highest bidder and the provider is not a contract. Suppliers and bidders can agree that a contract is concluded.
2. Each bidder can submit a maximum bid during an auction. The maximum bid is the maximum amount that the bidder is willing to pay for the item. The maximum bid remains hidden from the seller and other bidders. If more members bid on the item, the current bid will be incrementally incremented so that the bidder remains the highest bidder until his maximum bid is surpassed by another member.
3. Under certain conditions, providers may set a minimum price which deviates from the start price. In this case, a contract conclusion will not be reached if the bid of the highest bidder does not reach the minimum price at the end of the auction.
4. Offers can also be provided under certain conditions with the option "Buy" (fixed price). In this case, a contract for the purchase of the item is made at the immediate purchase price (fixed price), regardless of the expiry of the offer period and without an auction, if a member exercises this option. The option can be exercised by any member as long as no bid has been placed on the item or the bids have not yet reached a minimum price fixed by the supplier.
5. As long as an item is offered in an auction, a member may offer to bidders who have offered this article articles of a similar kind and quality only in the form of an offer posted on the eBay website, but not in any other way, e.g. By e-mail (subtracting bidders). This also applies beyond the duration of the offer.
6. Members may not manipulate the course of an auction by submitting bids using another member's account or by specifically targeting a third party. In particular, the supplier is prohibited from submitting bids to the offers which he has set.
7. Bidders may only withdraw a bid if they are legally entitled to do so.
8. Vendors have the possibility to organize an auction as a multiauction. In a multiaction, an article can be offered in any quantity, all articles of the same type and quality (e.g., size, color, pattern, make, etc.).
9. The submission of bids by means of automated data processing processes (for example, so-called "sniper" programs) is prohibited.
10. In the event that the contract processing between the provider and the maximum bid fails, the minimum price has not been reached or the seller wants to sell additional identical articles, he can offer an offer to the unsuccessful bidders via the eBay system Bidders). These must have previously agreed to the receipt of such offers in My eBay.

Ebay §11: Instant purchase article (fixed price article), price and "Instant payment required"
1. If a vendor enters an article in the immediate purchase bid format, he / she submits a binding offer that other members can purchase the item at the specified price. The contract is concluded when a member clicks the "Buy Now" button and confirms the process.
2. In certain categories, the offerer may provide his offer with the option "propose price". Interested parties can make the offer to the offerer to purchase the article at a certain price. The offerer can accept a price proposal, reject it or submit a counter-proposal. Price proposals by interested parties and counter-proposals by the supplier are binding and remain valid for 48 hours each. A contract comes into existence when the offerer and the interested party agree on the price, whether through the function "price suggestion" or the original immediate purchase price. With the conclusion of the contract, all price proposals and counter-proposals lose their validity.


In case of dispute, we participate in a conciliation procedure before a state recognized arbitration board. Our e-mail for consumer complaints is:


After complaining you will receive a form in text form to your postal address.

EU-Platform for Online-Dispute-Resolution

The EU Commission provides a platform for out-of-court settlement. This gives consumers the opportunity to settle disputes related to their online ordering, initially out of court. The dispute resolution platform can be found here:


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